Construction sites and autonomous vehicles

Construction sites are a major challenge for developers and engineers of autonomous vehicles. Construction sites represent complex situations, such as narrowed lanes, short-term changes during the construction, tight curve radii and detours to other lanes. These states are not standardized traffic situations and are therefore difficult to detect via the installed sensors in the vehicle - especially in bad weather conditions. Together with science and industry partners from the construction and automotive industries, we are developing a system that will enable safe driving with autonomous vehicles in construction sites in the future.


Detailed and real-time site information for

the mobility of tomorrow

New Mobility

Robust, safe and simple

The application is robust and safe in rough construction site use, not more complicated than setting up the traffic management itself.

Intelligent systems

Algorithms ensure that the correct traffic information is always generated, even if, for example, roadside control systems are spontaneously displaced by construction site personnel or are overturned by passing traffic.

Real time location

With every change, the new positioning of the traffic guidance is calculated within fractions of a second.

Centimeter-accurate location

Mathematical models provide a centimeter-accurate image of the topography of road construction sites, i.e. the traffic guidance.

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With SIMAV we are making a big step towards smart cities. SIMAV will enable autonomous vehicles to communicate with construction sites in the near future. To establish SIMAV as standard in the industry, we are looking for investors, partners and intelligent minds. Already today we work with internationally active partners from science and industry together. Be a part of it and shape the future of mobility with us.